Summer Camp 2016

Happy Summer to Om Al-Qura family !!!


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2016 Graduation BBQ

Thank you parents for joining us despite the warm weather … The day was very pleasant and the kids loved it .. Thank you teachers and volunteers for the good job preparing the meals and gift packages for our Syrian friends  .. Thank you Master Ali and all your guest for the Tae Kwon Do demonstration. IT was very interesting and kids will love it in the summer school .. Jazakom Allah Kheir

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Amazing Race – 2nd Round – Dec 2015

Teams getting better at working and communicating to pass the challenges. This Round more advanced challenges and higher competition. We got ties and the final decision was for the team with best attitude and respect to game rules.

Winners of 2nd Round (Attitude and Respect was key criteria for selecting winners)

Junior – The Blue Team tie with the Purple Team

BLUE: Mariam Selim, Salahuddein Mohamed, Ahmed Isaaq, Sara Elbarghouti, Aliya Mohamed

PURPLE: Rawan Elagami, Menna Ibrahim, Adam Siad, Nadia Mohamed

Senior – The White Team tie with The Pink Team

WHITE: Abdulmalik Balsamo, Hibaq Mohamed Ismail, Eman

PINK: Nour Selim, Ahmed Mohamed Ismail, Samy Elkanzi, Naeima Fourreh

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Om Al-Qura volunteer leading a Community Fundraise Auction

Mashaa Allah Nour Elmistekawy !!!

Nour took the initiative to raise funds for Ottawa Muslim Association’s project to turn the Northwestern United Church to a Community Center. Not only did Nour approach the Westboro businesses to raise funds, she also organized and managed an Auction during one of the Bridges community gathering. Jazak Allah Kheir Nour for all the good work. You are a true leader!

Nour is now ready for her next challenge to raise funds for the Syrian Refugees (new comers to Ottawa). If you own a businesss and could donate some products or a family that would like to give a donation, or even a volunteer that would like to help Nour Fund Raising activities please contact Nour at with Subject: Sponsor a Refugee

Nour is thanking you in advance for supporting her initiative!

Jazakom Allah Kheir

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1st Round of Amazing Race

Kids connected, competed, agreed or disagreed, at the end everyone learnt something new about leadership and team work and they all had a blast!

Winners of 1st Round (leadership and team work was key criteria for selecting winners)

Junior – The Yellow Team

Younes Kheder, Mazen Al-leithy, Anwar Bounagi, Aila Zeidi, Heba Gountit

Senior – The Orange team

Sara Elmistekawy, Ahmed Gohery, Wilson Fourreh, Malika fahmi

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