Om Al-Qura Arabic and Islamic Studies School – Achievements

Graduates 2016-2017

Sara Waberi, Geni Mohamed, Majed Maddamani

Ramadan 2015 Quiz Winners

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1st Prize Winners – Talha and Abdelaziz Kausar

2nd Prize Winners – Ismail Lasfar

Graduation 2014/2015

Congratulations to

Yaseen Elkanzi – Trustworthiness Star 2013/2014

Halimo Fourreh

Kamil Diahantchi

Graduation 2013/2014

Congratulations to

Graduatio Triple


Nour Elmistekawy – Student of the year

Ryan Moubine

Omar Moussa

Quran Competition Winners

Ali Fouda

Shaheer and Shaffin Salahuddeen

Ismail Lasfar


Star Program

star of the month


Nima Akinwande – Cleanliness Star – Summer 2015

Nima has demonstrated superb understanding and Practise of the values emphasized in class. Nima was always eager to help keep the class clean and in order. She was always taking initiative to help her teachers and fellow students.

Yehia Mohamed – Student of the Year 2014/2015

Yehia Mohamed has demonstrated commitment and devotion to the learning experience. His progress during the year was outstanding and his respect to the learning process impressed his teachers and peers.

Yaseen Elkanzi – Trustworthiness Star for year 2014/2015

Yaseen has demonstrated responsibility and high ethics throughout the year. He has been worthy of trust in difficult situation. His eagerness to help his fellow students and teachers was greatly appreciated by teachers and school administration.

Nour Elmistekawy – Responsibility star year 2013/2014

Nour has proven superb commitment and respect to the volunteer work she did with the school. Nour has accepted leadership roles during the Hajj event and during the PD training for staff. Nour deserves the responsibility star for best volunteer in school.

Aya Moubine – Love and sharing star for year 2013/2014

Aya has demonstrated initiative in supporting and sharing knowledge with her peers in class. Aya is responsible inside and outside the class room and is always volunteering for help. Aya earned the responsibility star for the year.

Fatima-Zahra – Best student star for year 2013/2014

Fatima-Zahra has proven commitment and respect to the learning process. She is committed and very keen to participate in school activities. Fatima-Zahra has progressed very well in her first year in school and deserves the best student in class star.

 Afnan Abdullahi Elias – Responsibilty star year 2012/2013

Afnan has proven superb commitment to learning Arabic and Islamic Studies (Quran). Afnan has been respectful to her teachers, fellow students and school staff. Afnan has done remarkable volunteer work and has earned the responsibility star for her commitment.

Zakaria Jama – Responsibility star for year 2012/2013

Zakaria has been the best student in his class for several years in school. Zakaria is committed to learning Arabic and Islamic studies. He is very respectful to teachers, students, staff and school environment. Zakaria earned the responsibility star for his respect and sense of responsibility.

Shukri Ali – Responsibility star for year 2012/2013

Shukri has proven remarkable commitment to learning Arabic and Islamic Studies and has progressed dramatically in few weeks. Shukri is respectful of teachers, students, staff and school environment. Shukri has earned the responsibility star for her commitment and respect to the learning process.