Amazing Race for Juniors – Fun continues at Om Al-Qura School

Congratulations to the winners of the Race

1st Winner- The Pink Team

Lead student: Eman Bounagui with Ali Fouda, Ahmed Khadr Ismail, Sara Al-Barghouti and Naeima Fourreh

2nd Winner – The Red Team

Lead Student: Sara Al-Mistikawy with Saffiya Khan, Isaaq Sultan, Ayan Ali Haydar and Zidane Ibrahim

3rd Winner: The White team

Lead Student: Hibaq Ismail, Reda Chafak, Imran Fahmi, Ryan Moussa and Abdelaziz Aref

Semi Final Winners: – The Orange Team

Lead Student: Shaffin with Naeima Houssein, Liban Moussa, Fatima Zahra, Jenin Diaz and Ahmed Isaac

Special Recognition to Lina Abid and Sara Al-Mistikawy for being the best team leads.

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