2017 Itikaf and graduation Gallery photos

Graduation Awards

Good Deeds Tree – Ramadan Class Activities

Girls Itikaf Night

Boys Itikaf Night


Congratulations to the young winners. Masha Allah

Keep up the good job!

Top Five Winners
  • Wilson Waberi – Final Round Winner – Level 2
  • Sara Waberi – Level 2
  • Shaheer Salahuddin – Level 3
  • Ismail Lasfar – Level 2
  • Fatima-Zahra Mia – Level 2

Students were challenged to the maximum and proved great progress from the first round.

Thanks to all teachers and parents and most of all to all students who worked hard practising and were up to the challenge!

Excellent progress from other students in Level 1

Lina Abid and Hibaq Ismail

Thanks to our new students Fatima-Zahra and Sheima Abdinur Ahmed for joining the competition.

Spelling Bee final round – May 2015

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Amazing Race II – Om Al-Qura Students Rock!

What an achievement !!!!!! Congratulations to the winners

Enjoy the photos and videos below

First winner – Team Lead: Nour Elmistekawy, Maleika Fahmi, Marian Ismail, Shaheer Salahuddin

Second winner – Team Lead: Ryan Moubine, Rana Abdulla, Sahra Ismail, Tarik Abid

Third winner – Team Lead: Alieldeen Hassan, Ahmed Ismail, Fatima Zahra

Leadership skills; Nour Elmistekawy and Alieldeen Hassan

Engineering skills; Ahmed Isamil, Sara Waberi, Nour Elmistekawy

Quran Knowledge; Fatima Zahra; Nour Elmistekawy;

Sports skills; Zeinab Ahmed, Zakaria Jama

IMG_20150425_170440 IMG_20150425_160351 IMG_20150425_150416 IMG_20150425_143235


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Staff Celebration at Om Al-Qura School

Congratulations to our youngest Teacher Assistant Mariam KH for graduating and joining the Engineering Department. Masha Allah

Happy Birthday to our cutest and youngest volunteer in Om Al-Qura School, Hamza Abubakr … thanks to Hamza’s family for their commitment and devotion to the school

IMG_5726 IMG_5730IMG_5729  IMG_5732 IMG_5740 IMG_5742 IMG_5743 IMG_5749

Amazing Race for Juniors – Fun continues at Om Al-Qura School

Congratulations to the winners of the Race

1st Winner- The Pink Team

Lead student: Eman Bounagui with Ali Fouda, Ahmed Khadr Ismail, Sara Al-Barghouti and Naeima Fourreh

2nd Winner – The Red Team

Lead Student: Sara Al-Mistikawy with Saffiya Khan, Isaaq Sultan, Ayan Ali Haydar and Zidane Ibrahim

3rd Winner: The White team

Lead Student: Hibaq Ismail, Reda Chafak, Imran Fahmi, Ryan Moussa and Abdelaziz Aref

Semi Final Winners: – The Orange Team

Lead Student: Shaffin with Naeima Houssein, Liban Moussa, Fatima Zahra, Jenin Diaz and Ahmed Isaac

Special Recognition to Lina Abid and Sara Al-Mistikawy for being the best team leads.

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20150131_162600 20150131_161953

snowman snowman teamimage 22image 5 image 7 image 13 image 21 


Spelling Bee Competition مسابقة الهجاء

Congratulations to winners of the Spelling Bee


 Spelling Bee 2nd round – February 2015

First Winner: Ismail Lasfar – Level 2 (Teacher Lamiaa Morsy)

Level 1: Sara Al-Mistekawy

Level 3: Zakaria Jama

Level 5: Mohamed Al-Mistekawy

  IMG_5780IMG_5771    IMG_5775

IMG_5752 IMG_5754 IMG_5760

1st round – December 2014

First Winner:  Alieldeen Hassan – Level 5 (Teacher Eman Yusuf)

SK Class: Faris Elkanzi

Level 1: Hibaq Mohamed Ismail

Level 2: Ismail Lasfar and Mohamed Aref

Level 3: Zakaria Jama

Level 5: Alieldeen Hassan

Participating levels: SK (1), Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 5


IMG_5641 IMG_5639 IMG_5644 IMG_5654 IMG_5659 IMG_5626IMG_5598 IMG_5623 IMG_5622 IMG_5620  IMG_5617 IMG_5628IMG_5636


Ottawa Police Presentation on Bullying


It happens every day around us. How should we re-act and when do we report it?

Wellington Community Police Officer Dawn Neilly last weekend offered two presentations at Om Al-Qura School and at Ottawa Mosque to help students and parents deal with bullying incidents, hate incidents and hate crime. Below are some resources offered during the presentations.

Bullying websitesOPS 24-7 Crisis ResourcesOPS Make the Right Call   IMG_5466 IMG_5469 IMG_5473 bullying picIMG_5486 IMG_5488 IMG_5494 IMG_5498 IMG_5509 IMG_5511 IMG_5514 IMG_5521

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