Itikaf Night at Ottawa Mosque

JAK teachers, volunteers and students who participated in the event and in particular Khadra Akrabi the organizer of the event and OMA board member Ali Binsilim who supported the school activity.

Special thanks to Dr. Bedeir and Sheikh Abdalla for their support and time.

Itikaf Photos

Itikaf videos

Arabic Classes for Adults

Starting Jan 6 on Sundays 5:00-7:00 pm
Various levels with focus on Quranic Arabic

Full version of poster

Level 1 – 101 Reading and Writing and Basic Vocabulary . Level 2 – Basic Grammar and Oral Conversation and Intermediate Reading skills. Level 3 – Intermediate Grammar and Oral Conversation with more Advanced Reading skills.

Separate classes for men and women in Ottawa Mosque basement at 251 Northwestern Ave. Fees $100 per level once a week and $150 per level for additional Quran hours

Register Here or send email to

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