Om Al-Qura Arabic and Islamic Studies School – Competitions Update

Thanks to all efforts from students, teachers and parents

Please review the results of Om Al-Qura competitions and help us improve the levels of students

Quran competition Update Round 1 – Jan 2015

LEVEL 1 – Half Jozo2 3’amma ($ 50 value gift)

LEVEL 2 – One Jozo2  – 3’amma ($ 100 value gift)

LEVEL 3 – Two Jozo2 –  3’amma and Tabarq ($150 value gift)

Spelling Bee 2nd round – February 2015

The second round of the Spelling Bee Competition was very challenging and the students have proven strong knowledge of the Arabic Alphabets and vowels. Most of the words were not practised in the class as the focus of the competition was on the listening skills and the students’ recognition of the sound of the Arabic Alphabets.