Congratulations to the young winners. Masha Allah

Keep up the good job!

Top Five Winners
  • Wilson Waberi – Final Round Winner – Level 2
  • Sara Waberi – Level 2
  • Shaheer Salahuddin – Level 3
  • Ismail Lasfar – Level 2
  • Fatima-Zahra Mia – Level 2

Students were challenged to the maximum and proved great progress from the first round.

Thanks to all teachers and parents and most of all to all students who worked hard practising and were up to the challenge!

Excellent progress from other students in Level 1

Lina Abid and Hibaq Ismail

Thanks to our new students Fatima-Zahra and Sheima Abdinur Ahmed for joining the competition.

Spelling Bee final round – May 2015

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